About Us

Ben Wheeler Water Supply provides safe, clean, and reliable water services to all of the residents of the Ben Wheeler area. Our mission is to offer water services that ensure that when you turn on your faucet, the water will always flow. We operate, maintain, and improve our water systems with cutting edge technologies and equipment to meet the ever increasing challenges of the water industry.

At Ben Wheeler Water Supply, we believe that providing water comes with certain responsibilities:

Every day, we strive to uphold our end of the bargain. We are proud to share our expertise with you and provide our community with reliable services and optimal care.

The wealth of industry knowledge in the leaders of Ben Wheeler Water Supply is unparalleled. Our skilled staff is trained and certified in all aspects of water production, treatment, distribution, and analysis to deliver you the highest possible quality of water services in Ben Wheeler. Our friendly customer service staff is always ready to help you with your water service needs.

Service Area

We have approximately 127 miles of water line that we a providing to our community. Please contact us today if you're in need of water service, maintenance or have any questions or concerns.

Ben Wheeler Water Tower